Monday, March 19, 2012

A Hands On, Flat Physical Web

I'm currently teaching Sociology of Children, Families and Society in the Education Dept at Southern Cross University.  It is an awesome subject as it deals with the issues that teachers must face in the classroom in the form of their students.  The subject is designed to make them "THINK" about their prejudices, preconceived notions, and also to make them aware of the many sociological issues out there that can impact their students.

Yesterday I tried a new version of the Physical Web using only post-it notes (coloured) and white board markers.  Each group of students was given a discussion question that they were to dissect, discuss and,then, debate the pros and cons.  A final segment of this activity was to present their "thinking" to the class.

In an effort to engage the students more deeply in this activity, I asked each group to build a Physical Web of their ideas.

After each group worked on their question, they then presented the Physical Web to the whole class, who walked around to each table.

It was a roaring success!  Students really seemed to enjoy the process.  They liked being able to get up and move around.  The discussion within the group flowed quick and deeply.  Students commented that they finally understood what we were talking about!

This activity could be used in any situation, with any topic, and across any subject.  I encourage you to give it a go!

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